Learn.UnrealEngine.com sections of the site have been Sloooowww/Down for days

Hey folks. First post here. Hopefully someone can relate to my struggles.

I’m currently burning through some great tutorials. Or… I would be. As it stands, maybe “crawling” describes it better? It takes anywhere from 1 to 4 minutes to move from one page to another. Sometimes the page is down entirely and I have to refresh and wait another few minutes. It goes so slow that the site sometimes glitches out and briefly tells me I’m logged out.

It only seems to be that particular part of Epic/Unreal that’s so slow. Prioritization issue on Epic’s part? The interesting thing is the videos play perfectly well once the page opens; it’s just the pages loading that take forever.

I have run speedtests and I’m functioning at peak upload/download on my end with no packet loss. Other sites and other parts of epic/unreal run smooth as usual.

I’m in New York (EDT), running an up-to-date Windows 10 fwiw.

I’ll deal with it for now, but I imagine I’d be much further along than I currently am if I didn’t have to sit around for pages to load (or fail to load). For those unfamiliar, there are about 80+ pages in the “Getting Started” learning path if you count each Quiz question. So 80 x 2 = 2 hours and 40 minutes of wasted time.


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Hey all!

I know this was almost a year ago, but I seem to be having the same issue. Either the learn site is extremely slow to load or I keep getting the oops page when something doesn’t load. First time having this issue, but is somewhat frustrating when trying to do the tutorials.

Have a great day!!!

I have the same issue with the online learning from Unreal’s website. When this happens it almost makes the site unusable and I switch to learning on youtube or skillshare.