Learn Unreal Engine 4


I’m fairly new to Unreal Engine. I was learning the UDK and just made some coding tutorials from the book. Wasn’t very struggling though because I knew the UE4 release is close.

But as I see there is no way for an indie developer to just learn the EU4 unless I pay the subscription? I mean the $19/month is not a deadly price, however I find it hard to motivate myself to pay without knowing if I’m even gonna use the engine in the future.

You can pay 19$ for the first month and then unsubscribe, so you can keep working on UE4 but you won’t be able to get the latest updates, till you subscribe again of course. This question is all over the forum though, you sould’ve had a quick look before posting.

yeah search is your friend.

I do hope they come out with updated printed books on UE4 thatd be nice :-).