Learn Maya before UE4 or UE4 before Maya?

Currently i am kind of stuck.

After discovering and doing some work with BP’s with the help of tutorials i am just wondering If i should learn Maya first. The reason i ask this is because i kind of understand BP but not fully, however, i wanted to create some extra animations for the mannikin because i am working on a stealth game project. Now if i learned BP fully then i could move on to Maya and do the animations but i would forget most of the stuff about BP so i don’t know if i should learn Maya so that i can create the extra animations and put them in UE4 to do my stealth game prototyping or if should start out in UE4 and do the animations later?

What would you guys say about this?

I personally would do both at the same time, because then you have a good mixture of topics and you wont get bored so fast :slight_smile:

True but how would you do that? To me i kind of struggle between doing both at the same time because i just want to add a sneak and wall sneak animation and add it to blue prints to make the character sneak and lean against the wall and kind of sneak like in MGS(Huge inspiration for me)!And wow That was a very quick response :slight_smile: ! So sorry for the late reply.

Just build the system in the UE4 with placeholder anims and then when the real ones are finished add them to the blueprint -> that’s how I do it in my project :slight_smile:

Ah yes that’s what i mean :). I am using ART’s currently and i am trying to create placeholder anim’s but i don’t how to do this in Maya. I am not going into production yet, its way to early. I am just trying to do simple placeholder animations with existing mesh but i don’t how to rig or use the meshes bones to create an animation.

On youtube you will find many tutorials about how to create anims with maya :wink:

I guess it would be best to specifically look for what i need and then just go back to UE4. So yeah thank you! I think i will work with both! By the way i love the support. Its very fast :)! I’ll try to recommend UE4 to more dev’s interested in entering the industry.

:wink: Here in the forum you always get a fast answer

Truly EPIC :D!

Yes. I recommend learning some basics in Maya first. It will help your creative flow a lot to bounce back and forth.

Digital Tutors probably has the biggest collection of Maya video tutorials: Maya](://www.digitaltutors/software/Maya-tutorials); Maya LT](://www.digitaltutors/software/Maya-LT-tutorials). The site is rather disorganized. It takes time to dig around. Use the sort options and search a lot. They have a 9-part “Indie Pipeline”](://www.digitaltutors/learningpath/113-Indie-Game-Development-Pipeline) series. It’s focused on Maya and Unity. It jumps around into Mudbox, Photoshop, Zbrush, etc. I wouldn’t call that series great for Maya but still interesting. They gloss over key shortcuts and bits here and there that will frustrate. However, the general knowledge of it all will be of interest to you to watch and translate it creatively back to Unreal. Try their “Introduction to Maya 2015”, “Introduction to Maya 2014”, or “Quick Start” ones, perhaps. Their Unreal Engine](://www.digitaltutors/software/Unreal-Engine-tutorials) section is growing.

More: Lynda](://www.lynda/), 3D Motive](://3dmotive/), Infinite Skills](://www.infiniteskills/files/search.html), Udemy](https://www.udemy/). There are also good sites completely focused on Maya, but you’ll have to search for those.

Great Thanks :slight_smile: