Learn making 2D games for Android.

I am already on #41 of the Unreal Engine 4 tutorials(For Each Loop). Am I taking the right tutorials? Should I finish those 200 tutorials? I want to make 2D games for android. I first installed Unity but UE4 is free so I also installed it. I am continuing it because I am thinking that I will learn the basics here like blueprints, meshes, actors etc., but if there is a tutorial series targeted for 2d game creation that will be great. BTW I want to make a game something like Flappy Bird and Zombie Tsunami, where the side scrolling only stops when you die(2d Side scrolling?) dont know what it is called.

Unreal is not that good for 2d games. It would be like using sport car for off road driving. Partially overkill, partially road trough problems.
Epic is working on paper 2d, but for now imo it has as much advantages as disadvantages over 3d.

So, yes unreal has paper 2d, but unless you really need to do pure 2d, i would recommend using 3d models on separate planes with very narrow fov camera.

I would say, just start doing your game, and watch tutorials when your knowledge is lacking to solve some problem.

if you wanted to keep trying UE4 try out the TappyChicken example in the Content examples - it’s a completed 2d scroller you could work off :wink:

Where can I find these 200 tutorials?

Hi SpencerHolmes,

Here is a good place to start with UE4 tutorial videos: