Learn C++ while learning UE4?

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I’m a webdeveloper, so I have some programming experience. Mainly Javascript, Python and PHP. Now I want to try and create a game with UE4 as a hobby project to learn more about UE4 and C++.
I’m just wondering at what level you have to know c++ to start making a basic game with some custom code. Is it doable to learn on the fly, or is a lot of experience required to actually make custom code viable.

You already have enough coding experience most likely.
The challenge now is to learn what the various pieces of the game engine do.
Then with some grounding (watching YT tutorials etc), you can quickly start making stuff.

How much game modding or API work have you done before?

Delving into a game engine is like learning the mother of all API’s, but if you’ve modded before it’ll be easy.
Otherwise, it takes a while to get your head around the concepts in order to have sufficient insight to build things…

Creating materials…
How to build a mesh or object that prevents players from walking through it…
How to animate something…
How to bounce an object around the screen and get it to react with the player…
How to make and animate a creature, spaceship or gun…
How to detect when a player triggers an event, arrives at a map point / shoots at something etc…

UE4 makes c++ much more like a scripting language, at least when writing project level code.

So basicly yes, you can learn on the fly and you don’t need to be a c++ expert to write gameplay code.

Generally you should learn a language before trying to make something big in it, though that isn’t exactly what I did. You’re probably familiar with Minecraft. I started coding mods and plugins for Minecraft before I even learned Java, and found that it was a great way to learn. So yes, you can learn as you go, or even learn from using C++ in Unreal Engine. Good luck!

Thanks for the replies,

So far I’ve got zero experience in game programming or modding whatsoever. This will be my first go at it.
I guess I’ll start with some of the video’s here that guide me building a game, and see how that goes and how fast i pick it up.

I think you must begin using blueprint for learning the concepts, functions/api and how works the engine and some basic book about c++ if you don’t known c++ (nothing engine related for begin). That going to be fast for learning engine and game concepts than use C++.

In few months or a year, depend of dedication time or learning assimilation, when you are comfortable with blueprints and working with the engine jump to do small things with C++, your own bp library by example.

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I Just got the book “C++ Primer” which I will be working through aswell. I’ve got quite some time on my hands the upcommings months :slight_smile:

You probably want this book: Learning c++ by creating games with UE4

I think learning to use C++ (or any new language) by doing is a good idea. Although when we are talking about Unreal I find it a bad idea. Here, without proper knowledge you end up doing silly workarounds and not exploiting the whole language properly. You are also not familiar with the syntax yet , let alone UE’s macros, code style and API (most importantly). Sure, you can go ahead and create a small game in C++ but adding more functionality out of your comfort zone can be a pain…