Learn Anatomy!

Hey everyone, I had a question. Part of being a 3D artist is having a solid understanding of basic human anatomy. Even if you’re focus is on Fantasy creatures like Dragons or reptiles of sorts, having an understanding of Human anatomy is the Rosetta Stone to unlocking animal anatomy.

Anyway, I enjoy sculpting animals in particular. I was thinking of maybe working on some popular animal anatomy busts depicting there skeletal and musculature structures for artists to reference. I was thinking of doing that and printing them on a 3D printer and maybe make a side business of sorts.

If the busts were accurate and high quality do you think people would buy that sort of thing?

Same goes for mechanics, and logic. Some tanks, space ships, walking robots or simple firearms are designed without second thought on shape. I know when there is some art style (for eg. floating ww2 era battleships in japanese anime) I do not complain about that. But in games where they want to be "realistic"sometimes design hurts my brain.

As to 3d printed models, people probably would buy it if you had it at nice price and decent quality. And I am afraid that both of those cannot be done yet with 3d printers. To make good quality you need quite expensive printer, but then you cannot sell sculptures at decent price. I also think that number of artists that could need such sculptures is quite small.