LeapM Can't find file for asset /Script/LeapMotion 4.11 mac


I’ve just started playing around with Unreal + clean installed Unreal 4.11 and followed the steps to get the Leap integrated with Unreal. However keep getting messages that it can’t find the file for asset /Scripts/LeapMotion // all the blueprints used in the Leap Motion plugin have unresolved compiler issues. Have tried to google a bit on the subject but can’t find what I’m looking for (my googling skills are probably terrible but I’ve spent too long searching).

In the tutorial they use VR mode to preview the Leap Motion hands and because I’m using a mac could this be the issue? I’m pretty sure you can still use Leap in Unreal even though it’s not in VR.

If you could post a link to the answer or offer some help - that would amazing.

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Hey ,

I was able to reproduce this and have an email out to one of our engineers. Thanks for reporting it.


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We currently don’t support LeapMotion on Mac yet. It isn’t loading the plugin itself, but only loads the plugin content. That’s what causes all those errors.


Hey Mat, thank you for your quick reply! Sorry I was meant to reply to this sooner, got this reply back in the unreal forum also. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Do you know if there’s going to be a fix for this for 4.12?

From my inquiries, it does not appear to be planned for 4.12. It isn’t extremely high priority as Leap Motion+Mac isn’t a very common use case. I’d also like to note that leap motion is becoming more of a rarity since the release of the newer VR headsets with Motion controllers(or planned motion controllers).

ah okay, fair enough, I guess that makes sense. I probably need to invest in a windows computer at some point soon…Thanks again :slight_smile: