Leap/warp sweep slows down the warp

Hey everyone,

So i’m creating a warp/leap system where the player chooses a location in a max distance from you and then let the character “warp/leap” to it. Now this works perfectly, but when Sweep is turned off on “setActorLocation” i can go into meshes. If it’s turned on i can’t but then the floor slows me down dramatically.

Does somebody know a way around this? Which won’t allow players to glitch into or on top of walls?


You will always have to eat the cost of the sweep calculation if you don’t want interpenetration. It won’t be faster than an instant teleportation. With that said,

Instead of sweeping, you could just do a sweeptrace at the destination and find the proper place to place the actor. That would give you the closest result for the fastest placement + some tunnelling protection.

Hope that helps =)