Leap Motion not working correctly in 4.9

I have previously used Leap in 4.7 successfully. In the latest release when I attach the leap controller to the player camera there is an offset that appears to be approximately double the distance from the player camera to world zero (0,0,0). When I then rotate the players view, the controller moves in an arc past the player and back again.

It seems to work okay in the Leap examples. If I copy these into a new project, they stop working.

I am also having this problem, as the orientation of the Leap Motion cannot orient properly in the Character Blueprint. What happened since 4.8.1 the Leap Motion plugin has not worked properly.

To recreate the issue, place the Leap Motion controller in your character bp, and set it to HMD. Note the hands do not display in a proper location, or orientation.

I have resorted to using 4.8.1, until someone notices. Also, rebuilding with leap plugins does not seem to work.

Still the same problem, does anyone have a workaround for this?