Leaderboard and In-App Purchases won't work together

Hello everyone

I have tried to fix the issue with the leaderboard not working on android. I have noticed that if I set up in-app purchases, the leaderboard won’t work (it won’t save the progress or show googleplay login console, basically the button won’t do anything). Blueprints are set up properly, so are the settings. The leaderboard does not work ONLY if I add this code to the engine.ini file, in order to make in-app purchases work.


If this code is there, in-app purchases work, but the leaderboard won’t show up. However, if I get rid of this line, in-app purchases won’t work, but then again the leaderboard is going to work. I am obviously missing something here, I was wondering maybe the [OnlineSubsystemGooglePlay.Store] changed the subsystem code so that the leaderboard doesn’t recognise google play services anymore? I am not sure, that’s just my guess, I am not too experienced with those.

Hope someone can help

We use both IAP and leaderboards/achievements in the Unreal Match 3 sample so I believe this should be working. It would help if you create an AnswerHub report so support can investigate.