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Project Title:
Lead UE4 Developer/Programmer (Arch-Viz)

HalVR is a virtual reality and augmented reality studio. Specializing in VR, AR for architecture and real estate.
HalVR is experiencing strong growth and looking to expand our team. We are looking for a talented Lead UE4 Developer/Programmer to join our team.

Team Name:

Talent Required:

Lead UE4 Developer/Programmer

  • 5+ years C++ programming
  • 2+ Years UE4 C++/Blueprints Programming
  • Perforce server management
  • Large-scale AI and Crowd systems
  • Optimization and performance profiling
  • Debugging and issue tracking
  • Packaging and Project delivery
  • UE4 plugin systems
  • UE4 iOS and Android development and deployment


  • Traffic simulation
  • AI-driven animation and interaction
  • UMG/UI
  • Automation and Testing
  • Large world optimization and management
  • Socket IO
  • VR/AR
  • Networking and multiplayer replication
  • Graphics and shader programming
  • Perforce administration
  • Linux server administration
  • Amazon cloud-based services

You will be responsible for maintaining and developing tools and plugins in UE4 to support a team of visualization artists and developers. Tools range from basic gameplay interactions and navigation to AI Crowd systems to full-blown traffic simulation systems. You will also be responsible for documenting these systems and training the team on how to most effectively use them.

You will work closely with the team to identify project requirements and to develop robust, highly performant and reusable systems. You will develop development plans, set goals and delegate tasks to ensure timely delivery and high quality.

The ability to multi-task and to follow multiple simultaneous projects is a must as are excellent communication, writing and training skills.

Candidates with traffic, crowd, and large-scale AI systems are preferred.

To apply for this position, please email an updated resume and portfolio link to [EMAIL=“”] with the subject “Lead UE4 Developer/Programmer”


E-mail: with the subject“Lead UE4 Developer/Programmer”