Lead Technical Artist at Illuvium.io

Our upcoming blockchain RPG Auto Battler “Illuvium” requires a skilled technical artist that we wish to hire immediately.

**Location **

Skinning and rigging characters and character-related assets.
Integrate and set up various character assets inside Unreal Engine, including setting up secondary dynamic systems.
Work with character artists to create visually stunning assets while meeting the technical requirements.
Work with animators on character rigging controls and features.
Maintain and develop a character asset management pipeline.
Use programs such as Houdini to develop workflows to speed up the production of procedural assets.

3+ years of experience in the games industry.
Experience with skinning and rigging.
Experience with VFX creation and workflows in Unreal.
Experience with using BluePrints, Event & Animation Graph, various Physics nodes in Unreal Engine 4.
Good understanding of animal anatomy and animation principles.
Must be a self-starter and proactive, and able to work independently under minimal directions.
Ability to identify and solve technical issues, and come up with creative solution under technical restrictions.
Good communication skills.
Must have experience in AAA or high-quality Indie game development teams.

How To Apply
email [EMAIL=“aaron@illuvium.io”]aaron@illuvium.io