Lead Game Artist job questions

Questions for ENG111 “Job Evaluation” paper. Thank you for your response.

  1. What is your exact job title?

  2. Where did you go to college and did you pursue a degree required for your job?

  3. What were your expectations in college for your job, and were they actually met?

  4. Can you give a quick overview of your job?

  5. What are your responsibilities?

  6. How long you have worked there?

  7. What is a potential salary range for this type of job?

  8. How flexible are your work hours?

  9. Is there a lot of overtime?

  10. Is travel involved in your job?

  11. Any type of on going training required or offered for your job?

  12. How is your work environment?

Bumping this only because I had a similar question.