Lead Developer for FreeDome

Hey everyone, we have been in development in a first person shooter for years now and have progressed quit a bit. Unfortunately, we lost our lead guy in the project recently and are in need for a replacement. Basically, we are in a final push to complete a functional demo. If your an all around UE4 expert, pm me and I can show you around the project and see if this is something you would be interested in.

This is a contract/paid position. And I think we are doing somewhat of a unique spin to a 3rd person shooter, which some people will find enjoying to tackle. Please contact me through the forums or email at

Thanks for your interest in advance.

Jan Wenstad
Chain Gang Entertainment

Could you please provide the basic information as listed in the recruitment template?

Who are you, and who is “Chain Gang Entertainment”, as you use just a gmail adress?

Hey Jan, as mentioned above a bit more info would be great… Emailed you asking some of this but figured it’d be helpful for other candidates to have it asked here as well:

  1. Overall how close to completion do you think you are percentage wise ?
  2. What major features are left to complete or fix?
  3. Is the majority of the project in C++ or blueprints?


Chain Gang Entertainment is a DBA of JKW Productions, Inc. (, not really a public site) I have worked in the Film and Television space for my entire career and decided to venture into the Gaming Industry. Being an artist, animator, editor I felt like there are some overlapping skills that I could bring into the project. It started many years ago with developing some landscapes to hiring several UE4 gurus and designing what I think is a fresh approach to “Fortnite” / “Dota” online multiplayer experience. Definitely ambitious endeavor. But here I am, 80ish% to the finish line. Can’t really stop now and looking for some experts that can help get this thing on Steam.

The project has been in development for sometime now. We are very close to completing the game loop, just need to finish off some events that happen within a match. I think it would be better to talk about what is missing or needs versioning.

  1. Character locomotion: It is in a functional state, but really needs some attention and possibly a complete overhaul.
  2. AI: very basic AI has been implemented… But probably not smart enough for competitive gameplay.
  3. Currency: Would be great to have basic functionality, but not a priority till we know that the game will be successful.
  4. UI/HUD: has been completely designed and is being implemented now, but we need help on DPI scaling and debugging.
  5. 2 maps are done, 2 maps need to be optimized and tested, 3 more of them have been made but need the game elements implemented.

What is functioning now:

  1. Multiplayer, compiled server and everything replicates well
  2. Gameloop… basic, prob need to record some stats and create a dota type respawn system
  3. Weapon systems fully working and replicated (very robust system)
  4. Player Damage and shields.

I’m sure I’m missing things, it’s been a wild ride so far and feel like it’s so close to be released out into the world. I really need to make a website and do some promotional stuff so that people understand what it is, but been too busy lately.

If you are interested… Hit me up and I will send a NDA form for you to sign and I can walk you through the entire project. I think it is a good one, but then again… I’m in a box right now.