Lead 3D Artist

[PAID/CONTRACT] Lead 3D Artist
Project Title:**
Unannounced Title

Brace Yourself Games’ next (unannounced) title will make use of a low poly 3D art style.

Team Name:
Brace Yourself Games

Team Structure:
Ryan Clark (Project Creator)
Founder, Programming, and Game Design - 2 years with Brace Yourself, 10+ years in the industry

Oliver Trujillo
Programmer - 2 years.

Heather Wilson
Producer & Community Manager - 6 months with Brace Yourself, 9+ years in the industry

Previous Work:
Barece Yourself Games’ games>

Talent Required:
We are looking for a talented 3D generalist who has the creativity to define a unique visual style, and the skills to deliver beautiful low poly works of art.

  • Experience modelling/rigging/animating a variety of 3D assets (characters, props, and terrain)
  • Experience working as an Artist or Lead Artist for at least 2 shipped games
  • Experience creating assets that are low poly, but still look amazing :)
  • Ability to work independently, remotely, while still delivering work on time

Other desired traits:**

  • 2D generalist skills for UIs, icons, etc.
  • Experience with physically based shaders and Unreal Engine 4 is a plus
  • Art direction experience is a plus

We are based in Vancouver, Canada, but remote work from anywhere in the world is ok. This is a full time paid contract position, with performance bonuses. Rate of pay will be commensurate with experience. This position could lead to permanent employment.

Please submit your applications (with resume/CV, website, demo reel) to [EMAIL=“”]

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E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Hi Heather,
Would you consider an Art Studio for this work? There are some advantages to going with one over a remote freelancer and the cost can be comparable.

As a fellow Canadian raised in Kelowna it’s always a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with folks from my favorite place in the world. Brace yourselves for an email because I’m firing one off right now!