LE extended library

Trying 4.19, but it won’t load given that the LE extended library isn’t YET updated for 419 so it won’t load, not being able to download it.

Bug ,or bad timing ? ;))

you answered your own question, “but it won’t load given that the LE extended library isn’t YET updated”

I just wanted to be SURE that’s all it was,why tho, honestly, would they release 4.19 without it, giving anyone that has a project in 18 unable to work ?

Seems a bit cart before horse LOL


what exactly do you mean why would “they” (epic?) release 4.19 without it? LE Extended is not made by epic. why would they delay an engine release just to make sure plugins were updated first? epic also has to do QA on the updated plugin code before allowing it on the market place.
would you have prefered not having access to 4.19 yet?

from LowEntry "The 4.19 version is coming, I’m already working on it.

It will probably be done in day or so, and then the update will probably be live in a couple days to a couple weeks from now (depending on how fast Epic is with this).

The other Low Entry plugins will be updated as well, in the same time frame as this plugin.


The code has been updated (of every LE plugin).

The updated plugins still need to be released to the marketplace, but this is out of my control (Epic handles this)."

FUnny, for a plugin they didn’t write, to be mandatory to be installed for released engines thats its mandatory or the engine won’t run,unless you say Yes to disable it is unfortunate…I now get why the delays,but to directly answer your question,IF its always going to be a matter of ’ a few more days’,literally, then ya I’d rather wait,I have no schedule SO severe, that waiting a few days couldn’t be accomplished,if you don’t, sorry to hear that. ( or good for you ! ) .

Your tone is very passive-=aggressive, and given the purpose of this engine,I find that very troubling., there was no need to ’ ’ they, I"d have comprehended your message without it :wink: You could have simply said , they don’t own it and must blahblah,done.

#2 >>>>>>>>>No one at amazons engine has ever taken such a tone with me, or anyone else,

I don’t mind being ‘corrected’, I"m not shy and I don’t mind–its a necessity in life many times over-- but good decent professional men and women find better ways of going about it.

I know, I have an amazing example in my life proving that–…my father, a wwII marine.Man of extreme integrity, hence why when I don’t see it in others its concerning.

Please resist the urge to EVER respond to me again, I’d rather avoid you, ,please see #2 above,- but regardless:

Thank you for the update. :wink:

wait how is the LE plugin mandatory to run anything? I run UE4 4.19 without LE and everything runs fine

all plugins are optional extras, there are zero mandatory ones to run UE4.
when i said “what exactly do you mean why would “they” (epic?)” i was asking for further elucidation on your current thoughts, not been aggressive at all.

Its obviously a temporary situation, we all know that as in prior engines, so having said that its just that with the plugin not quite ready for this engine version means , I’d have to disable it to run engine, but my current level wont load as my level was created with LOwentry plugin,rock<>hard place -whatever I have other things to do.

AS noted, fine- I’m not losing any sleep;, I can keep using 4.18, not end of world.

I’ve grown to LOVE 4.19 though, as while 4.18 use takes far too long ( think minutes) to load engine ( level always loads rather fast<>ssd) , 4.19 does it in around 45 seconds, which is much closer to everyone elses experiences here. Anyone know if 4.19 fixed something so things load much faster, optimized maybe for certain systems ?

Minor ISH inconvenience ( just for me, I realize not everything can be done ,something else takes ;priority ) , just something I was curious about, now its obv why I was :wink:

TY ixicalibur for being part of the conversation- its all good-=


If you want to upgrade a project using plugins to a newer version of the engine than what the plugin is currently compatible with you will just have to wait. You can update the plugin on your own if you have the skill but I would not advise doing so unless the plugin will not be getting an update which in the case of LE it should be.

I want to update also but I am currently waiting until plugins I want to use are ready for the current version.

But at what point then do we become developers? If someone else hands you everything and you never actually learn how those things works then what? Pretty sure community members are able to contribute to the engine. Maybe the LE and Rama plugins should be added but it would be on the authors to submit those things to the engine on git and would be at their discretion.

If we want more as a community then we should start putting effort into getting the changes into the engine not complaining that we weren’t handed everything how we want or expected. There are people right now who are currently working on getting changes added in places that are lacking. Why not join them and speed things up?

UE4 has been nice in providing very good platform for developing games etc and all without single cent commitment until you are successful of course. Features needed from one games to another will always vary, so UE4 should only provide what is deemed as highly necessary (although this can be subjective). But you can compare with other… ekhem… other competing game engine (Uxxx…) where to finish the games, you will need to purchase a lot of asset from marketplace whereas in UE4, they are not needed (that much). So that is pretty much a telling, no?

mandatory plugin if you are doing a lot of kismet, must have. Artists maybe not able to appreciate LE Extended?

I wish I was starting now though just waiting for LE Extended library to come out so I could start working with paragon assets. They are much too complicated to get ported to previous versions unless you are a seasoned animator… (If you can get those assets or something like those into 4.16, let me know if you need a partner) understandable however that maybe Epic would want those assets to only be used in 4.19 projects and forward. Those assets are really good.

I"m sure everyone has their reasons, but for me its about avoiding a engine version, 4.18 here, that takes way too long to load,and stick with 4.19 which is tons faster, even if it means not using ue4 until LE ext’d is added in.

I can wait tho its annoying; and before you jump, no, I code but barely, and definitely NOT c++ its by far my least fav, hence why BP is so important. Its not as if BP is easy under all circumstances but its miles ahead imho anyway vs c++.

NO thanks to programming war here, not into it, so pls take those concerns to someone else :wink:

I am an artist, but I also, obv grasp the huge importance of being able to code oneself, not being locked into art only assets as eventually, , most of us are going to hit a large thick wall without code exp.

I don’t need it just yet, but I know full well its coming :wink:


So, does anyone have any idea, when LE extended is coming to 4.19 ?..just an idea would be enough…as I noted earlier, I’ve got lots of other things to do, but sometimes I get ideas I want to try out ( dont we all ) and need to load engine…NOT the slow, 4.18 engine hence why I have to wait.

I recall, getting that plugin into next engine is always slowww, but that doesn’t mean knowing , about, when isn’t helpful :slight_smile:

Should I even be worried about this, is the plugin helpful enough to ‘need’ it or do most programmers laugh at the idea of its necessity ? ;0-

I voiced my frustration about LE Extended not available for 4.19 launch and while it stopped me from using 4.19 as my 4.18 project used the plugin and I didn’t want to be without that plugin, I’m excited to say its now showing available and I just installed it.

Happy 4.19’ing :wink:

TY epic/ whomever helped get it here.

…and here we wait again for the 4.23 engine version…those that take things way too seriously, hey, hand, but just wondering, is the ‘nature’ of this plugin difficult for ue4 devs to include in new engine, or something else? The config addon already got a pass for 4.23, so just wondering,or do they simply go alphbetically hence the longer time wait from c to L ? ;)) I’d just remove it, but you always get that warning, can that be safely ignored if you’ve not used any parts of config that affect BP’s ? How would one know IF you had ?