Lazy support in marketplace!


First time i upload it some assets to marketplace. TREE DAYS later i receive email from some <removed>:

<Removed by mod - Posting private correspondence publicly is not allowed>

You need a couple weeks for review me submission? What a lazy guys! Unity 3D, Cry Engine and many other most popular engines have faster support [2 - 5 days]. But you need couple weeks.
Thank you unreal and good bye.

That’s not what it means. It means if they haven’t got back to you in 2 weeks something has gone wrong, therefore they must obviously expect to get back to you before that.

The waiting times really depend on a lot of factors. For one of my submissions, it was reviewed and approved within 45 minutes, for another, it was about a week.

As Jezcentral and James mentioned, you will most likely hear back in about a week or so. It’s important to remember that there are a multitude of submissions going into the queue, along with many other duties that the marketplace staff are doing to keep things functioning. (customer and seller support, updates, bug fixes, etc.) Considering the handful of people who are working there and the colossal tasks they must perform, I think they are doing exceptionally well. =)

Today i receive email from some <removed> about my models in marketplace. This message is:

<Removed by mod - Posting private correspondence publicly is not allowed>

I really dont understand what he talking about, can someone explain me this kind of message? What that meen someone have a fraudulent accounts or what? What is happen in this UE Marketplace?

The staff just caught another fraudulent account. Fortunately it wasn’t as widespread as the last. These accounts use stolen credit cards to make mass purchases on the marketplace.

Please do not post private emails on the forums. As per the code of conduct:

For this reason I have removed the identifying information, as well as the email content. You are free to discuss the issue, but please refrain from posting private correspondence.

Thank you.

Thanks @SE_JonF, stolen credit cards - what a mess…

So That mean my models Tropical nature someone now have for free and can use it or resell it?

Chances are they did in fact download it before their account was terminated. This is sadly just another form of piracy that we are forced to combat. You should message Stephanie about getting a creator badge so you can see more information in the private seller forum.

I spend many hours to create good assets for games, tested and optimized, and someone probably have it for free, and in my account is absolutely 0$. Marketpalce support just dont answer to me when i put this question. I feel really bad.

Join us in the seller’s hub and you’ll find you aren’t the only one feeling that way.

What’s Stephanie user name? I don’t know her whole name or user ID. I need to get my badge as well.

Have you ever downloaded an MP3 from a friend? Used a YouTube movie download tool? Installed an adblocker in your browser?

This is the price of entry for digital distribution online. If your assets are good, then a lot of buyers will pay for them for real, and a bunch of them probably will end up not actually shipping them in a game anyway, so it evens out. If you are morally opposed to this happening, your only option to make sure that doesn’t happen is to not make things available digitally.

And, by the way, this pre-dates online sales; grocery and convenience stores have significant “shrinkage” as part of their numbers, and have had since the beginning of time. The benefit in digital is that, when someone steals a pack of gum, you can’t sell that pack of gum to someone else, but at least with digital sales, you still have the ability to sell the same bits to someone else. The draw-back is that, once the bits are out there, someone else might also sell them. But the problems with trying to ship a game based on stolen assets are pretty bad, so that’s why legitimate asset stores actually end up dominating the market for legitimate buyers.

Here you go, this will take you to her profile page where you can compose a message. =)

Lets not derail yet another thread into a debate on piracy, or commentary on why some feel it is a justified practice please.

My point was actually “we shouldn’t worry about it, because it’s an ambient property, just like air, or global warming,” and what we have to do is the best we can in that environment.

Purely practical, no moral determination one way or another.

Hey DanteStormdark, sorry if you are not receiving any emails back from us. Looks like Dave had replied to your message yesterday and is waiting for you to get back to him. If you would reply back to his email, we’d be happy to help discuss this further with you.