Layout Your UE4 Scene Using Maya!

The efforts of Baldwin and alfalfasprossen are much higher tier and their scripts would be much more useful than this, but I needed something quick and dirty and more importantly, now.

Current feature set:

  1. Convert selected static mesh actors to instanced meshes and vice versa
  2. Batch place objects from a 3DS Max or Maya Scene

This plugin creates a background TCP server which any application can communicate with, this way doing things like batch placing from a 3D package really only requires you having the ability to get an objects name and transform, and then sending it off in a TCP socket. This foundation should allow for some cool extensions in the future.

It is part of an open source github repo here:

Install instructions are on the github. Currently it requires you to build your engine from source because no matter what I do to compile it on 4.6.1, the binaries don’t seem to want to cooperate with a 4.6.1 install from a launcher. If anyone is willing to work through this and figure out the issue, I’ll give you some internet points.

Appreciate thoughts, feature suggestions, etc.

So much swag in this plugin.

Wow. This is one of those things that I didn’t know that I needed in my life. Can’t wait for the 3DS max version! :slight_smile:

awesome stuff. Keen to have a play, can I ask what UI you have in UE4…you have a large button for source control.

Thats the promoted build of UE4 currently. I personally much prefer the mini source control button in the top right and there doesn’t seem to be a way to set it back.

Github posted.

MAX version yes!

Plugin’s core has changed dramatically so now you must have the UE4 plugin installed for the scripts to work, however I think it changed for the better.

Max support now included.

Hi there!!

I’m trying to use your plugin that is going to be awesome for my project but I can’t get it working :s

Here are the places I put the folders ( I’m using UE 4.6.1 )

UE Folder

Max Startup Folder

I run the .bat file and when I open 3dsmax I get this error:

and this one in Unreal


Aye, there seems to be a compatibility issue no matter how I compile it for 4.6.1. I suggest compiling it with a source engine build or waiting for 4.7.

As for the 3DS Max error… you’ve installed it right. I’ll look into this.

I used the binary version and do not load with version ue 4.14 + maya2014.
¿ is it abandoned?. You spoke on working with versions ue4.6…4.7… but now we are on ue4.14.3 (last comment on 02-14-2015)