Layering - Grass and Roads

I attempted to add roads on top of an over-stretched grass landscape. When I walk on the road I’ve noticed that my character’s foot sinks to just above the ankle before it hits solid ground. I’ve manually lowered the roads as much as I could without them shimmering but the problem persists. I removed the grass, since its far over-stretched anyway, and the problem is gone. Even so, I do eventually need to add ground cover in the future.

How can I place roads that my character can walk on top of?

You just have to use road meshes with a own collision (create it in your 3d program) + the spline tool :slight_smile:

I purchased and attempted to use the GameTextures Roads and Paths material from the Marketplace. Basically I had already chosen a grass, which stretched to cover the entire 200x200x200 landscape and then tried laying the road across it. I’m thinking its my grass, being as stretched out as it is, thats causing the issue. I’d assume the materials purchased from the marketplace would be ready to be used.

@Wranglertg, screenshots would probably help illustrate the problems you’re having specifically.

You’re probably right. I’ll re-add the grass and lay down some road.


As n00854180t already said -> when you post a screenshot, we can better help you. :slight_smile:
From what I read, you just put a material on your landscape without creating a landscape material? -> that’s why it’s streching

I worked through that thanks to n00854180t’s help. I should have revisited earlier to say thanks and close the matter.