Layered Material question

I’m following this official tutorial to get a moss material on top of a rock material using Mat functions, layerBlend and a WorldAligned_blend for the moss to show only in the z up.

The problem I’m having is the normal map of the top material (moss) is not showing at all. After some searching I found that the layerblend_simple only shows the base materials normal map. (You guys may want to change that as the tutorial clearly shows both normal maps working in the final screen shot)
Now if I use a layerBlend_standard, which blends all mats normals apparently, I get an error because of the pixelNormalWS used n the WorldAligned_blend? Is there something missing in the tut perhaps?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Worked it out.
I used a Transform in place of the world aligned blend along with the LayerBlend_standard mentioned above instead of LayerBlend_simple which the tutorial tells you to use…

I now have all normal maps showing.