Layered Blend Per Bone - Pose Fails When Pin Added?

So I’m sort of new to doing blended animations, and I’m trying to set these up… but I am running into trouble and I also have not been able to really find anything that speaks to this specific issue. Maybe I’m just doing this completely wrong, but I have no way of really knowing because I have found zero examples of this happening nor showing me what to do. I’ve been at this for about a day now. I don’t want to ask “bad” questions but I need some guidance as to why this is happening, and I haven’t been able to find it via google search (I have been searching for literal hours).

So I have a blended animation which when blending two poses together, the animations work, but when I attempt to add another pose, the new pose works, but it kills the pose that was previously blended (Blend Poses 1 now works, but Blend Poses 0 does not).

Here’s the nodes I’m trying to blend together. The Pose going through “Slot Kick” is working, but the pose that is going through slot “Hurt” is not. I don’t understand how else I can output the Kick pose, because I have no other way of Outputting, and there are SO MANY Result options I don’t even know where to start, nor do any of them seem to be doing the correct thing.

Can someone help me understand what I am doing wrong?

Screenshot 2021-10-08 142712

Need to see the construct of the blend but as a blind suggestion reverse the order.

The blend migration occurs based on the blend order so if the kick occurs on the hips then the blend will migrate in both directions and since it’s second in the order will over ride the first blend. If you reverse the order then the kick will trigger first and the hurt will layer based on the if the assignment is the lower spine so that only the torso will have the override

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately that just made the hurt animation work and didn’t do much else. Here’s more screenshots with more of how my blends are constructed. Let me know what else you’d need to diagnose the issue.

Thank you again!

I’ve actually gotten it to work. I needed to blend the two poses into another cached pose then replace.

You may want to rethink your order of operations there.

Seems mighty convoluted for what you described…

Mentioned earlier, I got it to work :slight_smile: