Layered blend per bone causes upper body/hand shakiness

Im separating the upper and lower body animations for my character and I noticed when using Layered blend per bone to separate from the spine that it causes shakiness in my hands (as shown in a comparison in the video). When I bypass this node its perfect and there is no shake to the hands. Any suggestions?


Yes, its actually the aim offset.
order of operation is apparently important - or there is some sort of bug in how the track calculations are layered.
Try moving the aim offset as the very first thing after the original state machine - I would say even before the first cashed pose.
Try applying it to Lower first.
if that fails, then the individual weapon poses.
See if that results in no shake.

When i remove the aim offset im still left with the same issue, its the layered blend per bone node. I’ve tried it in every order i can think of without any luck

Try the individual animations then.
Something is causing the snake, it could very well be the animations

already tried, its only that node thats causing the issue. if i remove that node everything is perfect, playing the individual animations its still perfect. Its only when i try to separate the upper/lower body that it shakes

try changing blend depth to 0?

I just had to put the same node after my AO.
After editing the aim offset with new animations - for whatever reason - the aim offset started to affect the angle at wich LegIK bent the knee joint.

Seems like a bug. I had very similar animations which involved the legs beforehand too, but never had any issues - same BP across 3 projects since .19…

Not sure what caused it exactly, but the blend node is working fine for me, and addresses the issue without having to re-re-do the aim offset animations.

I did also change the curve blend to just use the original curves and ignore the AO info. Doubt that the shake comes from curve data, but you can give that a try as well…