Layered blend per bone and multiple slots


My character has two attack types. One is a melee attack, the other is a type of whirlwind spin attack. I’ve set them up with different slots in the animation montages. The slot for the melee attack affects the character from spine and up, so you still can run around while you attack. The spin attack affects the whole player from the root and up.

The problem is that right now, only the spin attack is working. The melee attack isn’t playing at all. If I switch the placement of the slots, the melee attack is working as it should, but the spin attack is only affecting the bottom of the player from the root up to the spine. So he is spinning, but his arms are still in idle pose.

Anyone got a solution for this?


Never mind, I figured it out. It was me just not thinking straight.

The solution was very simple. I just had to put the upper body stuff before the root animation.


i was struggling on this one - thanks.

Very helpful. Thanks!

NEED Green Mark for @samzabrus answer!

I’ll have to keep searching, but I am trying to do something like this as well.

I am trying to make a dogs head animate via it’s Anim Montage/Group, at the same time as it’s Tail Group. I can get the Tail to work if the head’s not playing, or vice versa, but not at the same time.

I setup the same flow as above, trying to do the head first, then tail. They both are blending into diff bones as you’d expect. But maybe I need to change the blend depth or something else…

Edit: I figured it out!

I setup the nodes as shown above, but I left the blend depth at 1 for both. WIth the Tail/Lower Body to the left, and Upper body to the right.

The main issue was, I had to setup Groups! They had their own Slots, but were both in the Default Group. So I made a Head/Tail Group and moved the slots into those, and bingo! Now I can blend in the head animations/montages, on-top of a Tail Montage, plus the main body has it’s own Idle/Walk Animation.

Epic, just what I was looking for. Implemented it, didn’t work, took 5 minutes, realized I forgot to set the bone names in my new “layered blend by bone” node, fixed my error, and all is right in the world. Thank you so much!

Thank you very much, I have solved my problem!

I love you!

Now my thought is what is the purpose of the ability to add extra pin to the node.

3 years later, same struggle. Totally saved my tail. Thanks.

That was an easy fix thank u.

…or simplify it like this.

your solution did not work for me. I instead added a boolean check on the blend node.