Layer blend per pone issue ,character wont move forward

I am having issues with my rifle movement , since the animations I’m using comes with a default idle but not movement for it just the prone movement animations, I’m blending the gun down with the lower body animation of the prone to make a movement for when the character is not aiming the gun , it worked perfect yesterday , but this evening when i reopened it to I couldn’t move forward and the character would play the sideways animations instead of the forward animations and i tried everything to fix it but I cant move forward.
here’s the before and after , the before is from yesterday

Any help would be appreciated


Hi there - This should really be in the Animation section of the forum.

I run into this problem when my player posses a weapon and it has collision. Removing collision usually fixes the problem.

yep was the issue i forgot i added a weapon muzzle and it had collision
thanks for this very much was about to scrap project