Layama pseudo-vr in minutes

Hi everyone, I’d love to show you our latest work it is named Layama and it is a kind of pseudo-vr.

Everyone loves real VR visualizations, but unfortunately, they have some major drawbacks: they need high-end devices and they are really heavy to be sent

Layama tries to close the gap between 360s and VR by transforming your 3d projects into a pseudo-VR webpage with a minimal artist time required (less than 5 minutes!)

Here are a couple of examples:

RTX apartment by Epic Games sample:…ayama/rtxepic/

Spaceship from Epic Store:…/webspaceship/

Also if you are wondering how to create this kind of project I just recorded some video tutorials (sorry for my super heavy Spanish accent!) Layama Videotutorials – Motiva

I hope you like it, any feedback is welcome!

More info and samples:

Regards, Víctor

That’s really cool dude!

It is something exceptional. Definitely to try, I saw the tutorials and it seems very simple and above all an approach that is just a middle ground between vr and 360. Congratulations again!


Pregunta: Cómo se hace para poder tenerlo en UE4? Es un Script de 3dmax, no es así?


As far as I know there is a plugin that makes everything in Unreal(they have some videotuts on their webpage).

Is the plugin free for download? I just checked their website and I couldn’t find it there.

It is a commercial software

there is an update for 4.25 already?

Sorry for the late reply yes it is! if you are a customer you should receive a mail the day after 4.25 was released.

Hi! I’m getting this error on one map. Ue 4.25
An actor of name ‘LayamaTempSequenceActor’ already exists in level