Lawn Grass

My quest to find some lawn grass that looks realistic (very short grass, doesn’t require simulation/vertex anim, lightweight as a consequence) is coming up short.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Perhaps an asset I can buy somewhere or a simple tutorial I can follow (almost all tutorials seem to be “grassy meadow” rather than lawn).

That looks pretty good…

Haha. Yea it’s a photo reference, unfortunately!

A Tiling texture is your best bet.
if the idea is to replicate the picture you don’t really need strands…

Tiling textures look terribly flat. I don’t like them at all. IDK about some kind of paralax, etc. That’s an advanced topic. What I’d like is something I can buy in marketplace…

You won’t find it in strands. That’s probably around 100 trillion in poly count.
textures don’t have to look flat when they have a proper normal map.
a normal map is also all you really need for such a thick looking grass.

Look into how to simplify Carpets.

This guy’s fumbles a bit, but the end result is probably what you want, except you know on a huge expanse of grass.

Thanks for that. Looks like it might work for grass too.