Lava Pool mod

Hello community,

I’m currently trying to create a mod for ARK, that’s basically a lava pool. Everything is ok, I can compile everything, place the item, pick it up, i’ve also uploaded it to steam and tested it in my local ARK. But now i’m struggling to make the lava act as real lava. I’m not able to find out how to get damage while i’m walking in it. I tried to add a “OnComponentBeginOverlap” block, wired to a “apply damage” block targeting the “other actor”, but I cant get damage.

Here’s a picture of the structure:

And the graph (event attached to the lava mesh)

It’s made of some destructible meshes, and the lava is a static mesh from the primalearth folder. If you need any more details just let me know, and if you have some hints that would be awesome.