Launching UAT

Hello there !
I would like to know if someone can help me with this problem .
I’m using the Project Launcher , I created profils window & linux, the ‘window’ side work (Editor / Server) , so is fine !
but when I try to launch the profil for Linux , the process stay at 'Launching UAT" , I don’t have log error , I don’t understand the problem or what I forgot .
I installed [Cross-Compiling][1] for Linux and tried to Package with the Menu “files” and it work .

I’m stuck during 2 days with that, hope you can help me !
Thank you for you time

I used the Git version 4.22

In the project launcher settings, in the section “Deploy” update the dropdown from “Copy to Device” to “Do Not Deploy”, it will allow the process to move to the next step.

Yeah, I resolve this problem month ago , I forgot this post.
thank for you time !