Launching to Samsung Galaxy S2 - build succeeds, install fails

[link text][1]I followed the Android quick start guide,
installed Android SDK,
restarted the computer,
followed the guide for setting up Android devices in UE4 Editor,
supplied the missing paths in the Project Settings : Android SDK section (for subfolders),
Saved a level,
Set the level to be the game default and editor entry point level,
Built the project (lighting, etc),
Saved the level,

And it always succeeds at building the project, and then fails to install it to the Android device, complaining about not enough space. Can a project with no Starter content and no other content added really exceed the 11 GB of space I have on that smartphone?

I have attached the log to this post.

81355-projectlauncher.log (111 KB)


Program.Main: ERROR: Exception in Android.Automation: Installation of apk 'C:\Users\mightyenigma\Documents\Unreal Projects\GunWing4\Binaries\Android\GunWing4-armv7-es2.apk' failed: [INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE]

According to this error, you need to clean up your device. Please delete any unnecessary programs or files off of your device and try again.

Please upload the new log file if something else occurs! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your prompt follow-up, but I think that error message is misleading us.
I really doubt it is a space issue since the phone has 11 Gigabytes of FREE space, out of 19 GB total capacity.
Is it possible to get that error because of a different problem, such as a folder or file it attempted to access being unaccessible?

In Android before version 4.0 device storage was divided between internal system storage and external system storage (SD Card), apks could only be installed in secured internal storage, where photos and stuff could only be hold in external storage. This design was made because didn’t expect internal storage will be the thing, because of this implementation, phone manufactures in order to have multifunctional internal storage used a hack. They made 2 partisions which one was mouted as internal storage and one as external SD card, and each of them has diffrent sizes, in S2 internal storage only have around 1.7GB and this is only space you can use to install applications… and that is your issue, look up in application manager, there should be true info how much space you got for apks. To make things worse there is a annoying bug in S2 which has some cache file hidden in internal storage (which you can’t delete without root access) which takes space but don’t raport that in to free space calculations, so if you have around 400-300MB free it means you already running out of space and it will start to tell you that you have insufficient space… i know that because i own S2 myself and it’s most annoying thing about this phone. All this bs was fixed in 4.1 (or 4.0), but old devices (S2 included) still use this storage separation, probably because bios and firmware manager was not codded to handle different partition setup and phone would not be fixable (by end ) if somethings would happen

For this reason back in the time games after you install them they have this extra install process to get bigger data on external storage, because Play only could install on internal, if you remember those old days

Do you have a SD card being used in your S2? If so, could you please check the space available on your actual internal storage along with your ‘external’ storage. It’s possible one is more full than the other which is causing trouble.

Thank you, everyone. You were all correct - that solved my problem!
Looks like I have a lot to learn about older Android devices. I didn’t know they partitioned the storage that way.

I had to plug in an SD card and move as many apps as I could onto that,
and then there was enough core storage open to install the Unreal project :slight_smile: