Launching problem

Just downloaded UE 4.19 on this system : Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134) (17134.rs4_release.180410-1804),
with DX12.
I get the message dx11 needs 10.0 and the program will go no further.
What’s the problem and how do I get round it ?
I am a newbie

here’s the url

Best wishes

Please provide us some details on your computer system. The easiest way is to provide us with a DxDialog report.

To create it click start and type dxdiag then press enter, then click the Save All Information button, and then open up that file select all of the text and paste it into the text box on, then give it a name and click Create New Paste, then paste the URL of the page that loads next to your post here. This will let us see what hardware and software you have installed, and will help us figure out why this is occurring.


Based on your dxdialog report it looks like your graphics card is using the wrong driver:

Display Devices

       Card name: Microsoft Basic Display Driver
    Manufacturer: (Standard display types)
       Chip type: AMD ATOMBIOS
        DAC type: (C) 1988-2010, AMD Technologies
     Device Type: Display-Only Device
      Device Key: Enum\ROOT\BASICDISPLAY
  Device Problem Code: No Problem
  Driver Problem Code: Unknown
  Display Memory: 8170 MB

Do you know what graphics card is in that PC? It appears to be an AMD card with 8gb VRAM so it is fairly new. Download and install the driver for your graphics card and see if that fixes it, the Microsoft Basic Driver is likely causing this issue.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for that, it’s an AMD RADEON HD 6700M Series so I downloaded the AMD Catalyst software which installed the correct driver, and after rebooting the computer, the engine launched perfectly.
Many thanks