Launching pawn where camera is pointing

I have been working on a golf like game from Rolling example map. I have set up it so when I hold from 0-1 second it launches it slower and if more then with higher velocity etc. Problem occurs that since I have set it to launch on x axis I can’t seem to get it to turn at all to be able to launch at different directions. Camera turns but I have had no success with any tutorials or applying my own skill to get the rotation of camera so I could shoot the ball towards where I’m looking. I also don’t know if the way I’m doing the launching is the best way to do it in the case where I have to chance the direction of the launch depending on the camera.

in here you can see what I currently have.

Started looking the issue from other direction and found out a fix for this. Instead of adding velocity to the ball, I apply radial damage to a arrow that I planted behind the ball. This way it gets component bounds from the arrow itself and is always at right position.