Launching on IPhone 6 renders terrible resolution and material are not applied

Can a kind soul help me out on this one?

I’m developing a side scroller game and when I launched it on my target device I found out multiple issues:

  1. buttons are showing as white boxes.
  2. resolution is god awful.
  3. my character mesh has not material applied.( I’m even using a sword from the infinity blade pack and it doesn’t have material applied to it.

I’ve tried to investigate camera ratio, material uv’s answerhub, YouTube. Can someone help me fix these problems. I can post images if need be.

  1. its because apple cheats on resolution, they downsize resolution by default so everything runs faster and uses less energy. You need to change that in settings of project i think. Or just search forums there are posts explaining this

  2. for UMG use only simple ADDITIVE and unlit materials. Those are easier to render than transparent or masked. Best if you could use only solid and unlit, but who makes boxy UI.

  3. character material is probably too complicated.

To make sure fault lies in materials, just for texting make very simple texture that is different from everything else in project. Make unlit and solid material, (also check fully rough) apply it to character and umg widgets. If you see that material it means your original ones are too complicated for mobiles.

With umg it may be also cast of you adding some tint color somewhere which is fully white. I had once problem of white boxes in umg, but that was me doing some complicated masked material). Also scaling material UVs sometimes makes it white in umg.

Nawrot thanks for the response. I’ll try to look for the resolution issue. Some quick things… My umg is just a sprite… it doesn’t have textures… The sprite simply doesn’t show up.
And now to make matters worse i change the code and when i launch it onto the device it doesn’t update what i did. I try uninstalling the .ipa from my phone and my mac but had no success.

I like UMG, and I worked with UMG on mobile alot.

You can use those button images that has transparency (.png) and just make sure you imported it correctly:

Mip Gen Settings: NoMipmaps
Texture Group: UI
Compression Settings: UserInterface2D (RGBA)

I have yet encountered any white boxes in any of my test devices (iPad3, iPhone6s, XperiaZ, Android Tablet and an old Samsung Galaxy S plus) using just transparent images.

As for the awful resolution, try have a look on this: Performance Guidelines for Mobile Devices | Unreal Engine Documentation - Mobile Content Scale Factor.

And for the no material applied - please always remember, most PC/desktop/console material’s setup will not work on mobile, you have to change/edit the material - make it simpler and use only two textures per material.

I understand the frustration for those who never developed game/app for mobile, most would think, anything that works in PC (especially material setups) will work on mobile too, which most of the time - will not. Take the time to understand the differences developing on these two platforms, have a basic grasp on the limitations and the general performance guidelines.

Thanks Ryner, i’ll take your advice and re-check the entire project. But now i’ve encountered a issue of not being able to update my classes on my device. Everytime i hit the launch button i’m getting an older build on my iphone. Do you know what is going on?

Try have a look at your packaging setting and check the full rebuild option.

I’d rather package the project into .ipa and install it using iTunes, it may be slow at the first time, but after first-time-packaged, it is much faster to package-then-test, than launching.

Launching doesn’t fully package the project, sometime there’s a little miss here and there.

But checking the full rebuild option won’t make every build take forever? ^^