Launching on iOS device

It seems there is a common theme that is running here. I too have a setup where Xcode can launch an app on any of my registered iOS devices. Using the same credentials I am unable to launch a syarter project. I get an error with code signing, it’s a bit odd that I can launch the AR example! I really want to be able to use the engine in developing apps for my customers and clients but I need to get to the bottom of this and want to feel that the engine can support iOS in a stable way.

I’m really stumped with this :frowning:

anyone got any suggestions?

So, after trying everything short of a complete reinstall I have finally got this working.

The solution, create a C++ project rather than a Blueprint project.

Yes, it really was that simple and frustrating. I’m putting this here in case it saves some other poor soul’s blood pressure.

Huh. Who’d have thought? Guess that’s why Epic’s ARSample is a code project, despite only containing an empty default GameModeBase. Was wondering about that.