Launching game problem

So I’ve been testing in standalone mode for a while, and today I wanted to try the game packaged, I clicked on launch, I’ve been waiting ever since, it says processing assets for windows for 6-7 hours now, 16 percent cpu usage on i7 3930k, I don’t know if I should wait more or cancel and look at packaging, game is 25gb without the autosaves, has some c++ but mostly blueprint.


I would cancel the launch. I would also close the editor down and delete the Intermediate and Saved folders and try again. If you get stuck again at one specific spot, save those and upload them as a .txt file. We need to figure out what the editor is getting stuck on.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Yeah shipping version was succesfully done after some tries, I’ll post my experience here so that someone else might find it useful

So I canceled the launch, if you’re really gonna package game for shipping, don’t do it from launch tab, go to file->package-> select shipping from packaging options, and select package for win32.
After I selected package for win32 it took a good 31.5 hours, when it was finished it gave 8 errors and packaging canceled, even though it says AutomationTool failed, I then learned that it wasn’t about AutomationTool, because solving the errors made the packaging successful:

1st error) File names more than 30 characters(something like that) don’t get packaged, in fact some of the files from epic’s infinity fire lands gave error for long name, so I renamed them,

2nd error) Even if you don’t use a blueprint class, if there is compile error in that it doesn’t let the game get packaged, so there was a blueprint that I made before but decided not to use and forgot about, it was making the error, it will tell you which class is giving the error in the .log file anyway.
So after solving the errors it took a little less time like 20 hours or something, because some assets were already cooked in the 32 hour period and it just reloads from there automatically,(U don’t lose hard- memory on C ,(unless u’ve removed the shadowed files which u 90 percent likely haven’t), it packaged correctly after all this.
My system i7 3930k, hd radeon 7990, 48gb ram, so with these specs it takes a good 30 hours to package a 25gb game, just bear that in mind and don’t cancel to process, correct me if I’m wrong anywhere along the line.