Launching game is not the same as playing in engine?

when playing in editor my game works as it should but when i launch it to android or widows some of my functions wont work?

i have a part where i go through my data table to make categories and group up everything with the given category but when i launch they don’t get grouped? so i choose 1 question at the time.

I think this is the part not working when i launch? since it rings false everytime it checks so it keeps adding the categories but doesn’t see that it is already added. but what could be the reason for it not to work when launching and working fine when playing in editor?

if i put a string on add i can see and when i test in engine i get the count 7 which is how many different categories i have but when i launch the game i get 100 which is one for ever index?

For some reason converting it all to string instead of having text fixed the problem!