Launching editor from IDE on Linux


I d’ont know if this question has already been answered but I have not found any clue on this.

I have compiled Unreal on Linux (Linux Mint 18) and it works fine but when I build a project from an IDE (CodeLite) it launch the game without the editor (as I open it from command with “-game”).

I selected the target “MyProjectEditor” with “Development” option.

Anybody has any clue on how to perform it ?

Thanks a lot.

PS: if you don’t understand what I’m searching for (may be I’m not really clear), I just want the same behavior as on Windows when openning unreal editor from visual with developement editor target.

Do you want to start the Editor in non-game Mode from CodeLite? Like when you just call the UE4Editor executable without any other params?
If that’s the case, have a look at “Workspace → Open Active Project Settings → General → Program Arguments” in CodeLite and remove the “-game” Parameter.

All the possible command line arguments for the Unreal Editor can be found here: Command-Line Arguments | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thanks a lot, this is what I searched for ^^