Launching Editor Freezes Computer (4.4.1)

Everytime i start the editor or ANY project using 4.4.1 it literally freezes my computer, i cant move my mouse or do anything at all. However, when i start the launcher using 4.3.1 it works fine. And it used to work fine and everything ran beautifully using 4.4 and 4.4.1 but now i can’t use 4.4 at all cause it freezes my computer when starting up the editor. How can i fix this?

Hey gotgrassct,

Are you aware of any changes you made to the editor settings between when you were able to use 4.4.1 and when it caused this freezing?

UMG Was on. Thats really about it. I Backed up all my files and restored my computer though and everything works fine now. But how can i prevent this from happening again?

I don’t know what caused the problem, so I can’t give any advice for preventing it in the future. If it happens again, try to remember what you were doing just before and we’ll try to find out its cause.

Well thanks anyways, Jon. Also, do you know when 4.5 is out?

I can’t say when 4.5 will be released. It’s a big release and we’re working very hard to get it ready ASAP.

Wow i can’t wait. Will there be OBJ Importing? can u give me some features that i might be able to look forward too?

I can’t speak about what will be in 4.5, but I can say that it’ll be great. :slight_smile: