Launching android app results in error: could not find[projektname]-debug.apk

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Recently I upgraded my unreal engine 4.9 to the new unreal engine 4.12, because… reasons :). Prior to th update i was able to launch my mobile apps on my mobile phone, a , but since the update i cant even get a example twinstick shooter to work on my phone. Below my log file (link text) and my project settings concerning the android sdk. I installed all tools available within the android SDK manager. I have looked around the forum, but i can’t really find a concrete solution for this problem. If you would need more information conerning settings etc. to solve the isuue pleas tell me.

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[link text][1]


You need to update your AndroidWorks to CodeWorks. Make sure that you uninstall AndroidWorks before installing CodeWorks.

You can find CodeWorks here: [EngineInstallLocation]\Unreal Engine[EngineVersion]\Engine\Extras\Android

Once it’s been updated, restart your computer and make sure that you’ve updated your Android SDK settings. For one, Android NDK needs to be changed to r11, not r10 after it’s been updated.

Let me know if you have any further questions, thanks!

There is no CodeWorks on the specified location. What do I do next?