Launching and Packaging to android not working

Not sure if these issues are the same bug or if they’re different bugs, but here we go:

  1. My android devices that are listed as “device” in adb devices aren’t showing up in the Launch Menu or Device Manager.

  2. None of the Package Project -> Android buttons are working. The output log does not change when they are pressed, and no dialogue (or any other actions) trigger when they are pressed.

I have created a blank project based on the Twin Stick Template (code project).
I tried everything with the default project options. I then tried when changing the sdk and ndk minimum version settings to 19. I also unchecked most of the exported texture formats (leaving the top and bottom option).

I’m sorry that I don’t have any more helpful information.

I am now verifying my install, if that doesn’t work I’m going to reinstall.

Edit: Verification and uninstall/reinstall did not work.

Double edit: I’ve had this problem on two different computers, one running Preview 3 and the other running Preview 4.
One of my colleagues does not have this problem, and we have no idea what we’ve done differently to each other.

Hey Griffork,

Please make sure that you’ve [set up Android][1] appropriately. You may need to open up a command window and run ‘adb devices’ and see whether or not it shows up in the command window. Please keep in mind that it’s best not to hook up 2 android devices at the same time. iOS and Android together is fine though.

Can you provide me a screenshot of your Android SDK within the editor?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Setting Up Unreal Engine Projects for Android Development | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

As I have already said: The device is listed as “device” in adb devices.

Only one device was plugged in at a time.

Here’s your pic:


Edit: In case it’s relevant, is located at C:/

Second Edit: It might be worth noting that android deployment is working properly on previous versions of the engine on my computer (4.8.3 and 4.9.2).

Please modify your Android SDK as similar to the following as possible:


Once you’ve updated the SDK, please try to package for Android again. Let me know what the results are. Include full .


Oh, I see you’re using TADP, I’m using Android Works. Is TADP now the only supported way of deploying to android?

I’m using AndroidWorks but it’s put into TADP folders so that I can backtrack on older versions of the Engine. You do not need to do that. All you should have to do is link further into the C:/ folders.

Look for the following:

  • C://Android-SDK-Windows
  • C://Android-NDK-R10E
  • C://Apache-ANT-1.8.2
  • C://JDK1.6.0_45 (or whatever version you’re on)
  • Latest
  • Android-19

Once you’ve set it up that way, it should work properly for you.

Yep, that worked. Thank you.

I think the reason it worked on my co-worker’s computer is because he has a whole bunch of paths in his environment variables (for some reason) that includes the paths to the sdk folder and ndk folder and he left the first 4 boxes blank.

I think it’s worth noting that the Project Settings → Android SDK section states that you’re supposed to use the parent folder of the ones you listed. That might be worth looking into.