Launching an iOS game from xcode


I wonder what is the property steps (if possible) to launch the ios version of the game from xcode?

Our game is in a C++ project and it runs fine on the device if it’s launched from the editor.
When I tried to launch it from xcode, it always crashed when loading an asset with a relative path to the engine folder:

Note that we made some changes to the engine thus are using the custom built editor to do all of these.

Here’re my questions:

  1. when launching from xcode, does the game use assets stored on the device, of the host machine?
  2. where does the relative file path come from?
  3. how to get it working? :slight_smile:


So it turns out the crash had nothing to do with the content, I was using the debug version of the engine and the stack size for the main thread was too small: ClassFinder crash on iOS debug - Debugging, Optimization, & Profiling - Unreal Engine Forums

Changed it to 2MB fixed it.

Actually, I just submitted a fix (thx to a community member) for the stack size being too small in Debug. It actually isn’t too small, rather the IsDebuggerPresent function was being inlined and adds a lot of data to the stack, so any rather large call stack could easily get beyond the 1MB limit with multiple copies of that code. That fix will be in 4.8 or can be found in GitHUB master branch: