Launcher's Projects and Vault Sections are empty after reinsalling

Hi, i unfortunatly got to make a clean install of windows. So i reinstalled Unreal Engine Laucher. Actually, files were still on the other hard drive, so i still have all the engine versions ready and stuff. However, the projects and Vault sections are empty. I still have the project, and the first time, UEL showed me the vault, but not anymore. Is there anyway to make them reappear ? Somehtink like a relink or a registry Key to tweak so it knows where files are ?


Hi Darknoodles,

Did you make sure to move them to the Vault Cache in the Launcher? It should be located here: :\Program Files\Unreal Engine\Launcher\VaultCache

Once the Launcher is restarted, everything should reappear.

Thanks, i figured out that a change has certainly been made on the launcher installation exe. When i install for first time, i set the path as “b:\Tools\Unreal Engine” and so all the subdirs are in, wheras when i installed lately,i chose the same path, but it created an “Epic Games” folder, where the subfolder are in. So i got a result of “B:\Tools\Unreal Engin\Epic Games” instead of the first path. So your solution worked for the Vault, however, not for the project (they only show up once i opened them once though, but it would have been much faster to reimport them all at once).

Creating a settings tab for UEL could be a good idea, for configuring default project path for exemple :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

Not sure if you worked it out by now, but if not maybe for next time. All you have to do is create a new project and make the destination your old project folder. When you restart the launcher all your old projects will appear.
I just reinstalled windows myself and discovered the same thing as you.
Good to know we don’t have to re-download a whole bunch of stuff!