[Launcher] Waiting Room Failure - School


At my school in my VR Class, I’ve decided to use UE4 as I’m more familiar with it. As you can guess, schools pretty much block any website that has tag games in it. This has caused an issue with my progress of my VR Project. I regularly log into the Epic Games Launcher at home, but this isn’t the case at school…

The Problem

Our school has blocked Epic Games’s website. I’m trying to contact IT, they’ve said they have unblocked epicgames.com and that everything should be fine. But somehow I still can’t log into the Epic Games Launcher for some reason.

Everytime I try to access the Community Page, Learn, Marketplace or try to download a new engine version results in either the Launcher prompting “Are you connected to the internet” or “Oops! There should be something here!”

Are there any other links, domains, or subdomains that need to be unblocked?

Things I’ve already tried…

  • Flushing DNS cache
  • Rebooting PC after DNS Flush.