[Launcher] Waiting room failure Error code: WR-0001

Getting this error during authentication


  • Error code [link][2] does not contain any articles on the error code WR-0001
  • Tried [flushing dns][3]
  • Tried deleting relevant launcher files from ~/Library
  • Tried rebooting computer
  • Waited hours between first and current attempt
  • Tried changing dns, local isp, opendns and google
  • Recently updated to macOS Sierra, might be cause of issue?
  • No firewall or proxy going on, simple home network
  • Able to authenticate on a windows machine on same network
  • Deleting launcher and reinstalling it just results in a launcher unable to update itself

##Waiting room api response
curl [https://launcherwaitingroom-public-service-prod06.ol.epicgames.com/waitingroom/api/version][4] gives [curlresponse.txt][5]

[curl responses][8] on each unique http/https request found in log

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