Launcher Update = Sick

Spoiler Alert for those stuck at work :wink: This excites me greatly, we even have a UT Marketplace :open_mouth:


Also love how the IRC Channel is linked now too!

and we got a friendlist !

It’s not just a list, it is the new super awesome chat thingy.

Hope you guys enjoy all the new launcher features! Let us know if you see anything or have any feedback.

-Max B.



Who is the wizard responsible for this?!

Really cool ! it’s linked to friend list of the forum too ?

No. Not for now anyway.

Awesome :smiley:

But we need link to #unrealengine IRC channel in Unreal Engine section :smiley:

Chat improvements :stuck_out_tongue:

-A “busy” state would be cool (currently we just have “Online” and “Away”) :smiley:
-notification sound
-no char limit
-a way to edit your text after you have sent it

I feel like I’m back in the early 2000’s with MSN Messenger again :stuck_out_tongue: great tool though!

and a way to add extra people into 1 window.

I donwloaded new launcher but now i have an Unreal Engine 4.7 update Alert (3.2Gb) but 4.7.0 update to 4.7.0 ?


Can you confirm that you do not have 4.7.1? After you finish your download, if you still have 4.7.0 could you close and reopen the portal to double check for us?

-Max B.

Version 4.7.1 was released late last week, so that is likely the reason. I don’t have an update available on mine, have you already downloaded 4.7.1?

Look the picture , no 4.7.1

Version 4.7.1 was released late last week :confused: Omg,
have you already downloaded 4.7.1? I never downloaded 4.7.1 ?

Very strange , i opened the launcher every day , never have alert for 4.7.1

**** , double post again,

Ok i will download this update, wait & see tomorrow

EPIC is making an Unreal OS XD
never thought a game engine software will come with a built in chat with other developers
Sooo cooool :smiley:

Ok now , i see 4.7.1 update , dont know what hapened thank you

I must say, a small problem with the launcher.

Upper Right Corner , Latest Release Notes Link give on 4.6 Release Note here


Good catch Chris :slight_smile: Will pass that one along!

Everyone is welcome to add me, I totally love having friend lists and feels pretty much forever alone over there :frowning: