launcher show 4.5.0 as Preview version


it is normal that in the launcher I see the 4.5 engine as a preview version?
it’s better if I compile the version git-hub?

Thank you

Try restarting, that works for me.

I have restarted the system, but nothing has changed

I’m getting this as well…

Same here.

same here.

Maybe it is an Launcher cache problem? I had this before too. Restarting the Launcher solved the Problem for me in no time.

if you look at the “UE4.5 released” thread they say its a bug and there working on it!&p=164604&viewfull=1#post164604

Howdy all,

We have just submitted a fix for the launcher that will clear up the issue. If anyone is still running across the ‘preview’ error, could you please submit the issue to our AnswerHub located here:

Thanks and have a great day!


thank you for the info :wink: