Launcher screen flicker

Hey Guys

I’m running a HP Envy laptop and whenever I use launcher I get massive screen flicker (only launcher flickers). It’s almost looks like it keeps on redrawing launcher over and over. This only happens when I mouse-over a button or project, basically anything user can interact with. Attached is an example. This has also happened in Engine Launcher. I have latest Nvidia drivers and my system is also up to date.

Here is my Dxdiag. link text


Have you updated to 4.2 yet? Did you see this issue occurring in earlier versions?

This is an issue that has been reported a couple of times in past, and it seems that cause was driver was out of date. It sounds like you have multiple graphics cards; can you tell us what other card you are using besides integrated one? Thanks.


Yes I have, those screen shots were with 4.2. same thing happened in previous versions as well.

Yes laptop has Intel integrated graphics chip as well as a Nvidia GT 740M. Both have latest drivers.


It looks like this is exactly same issue others have reported:


solution for that was to get this driver update:

Can you ensure that you’re updated to that specific driver? If that’s not problem, we’ll have to see if your Nvidia is being used by editor. Thanks

Hey .

I’m on 337.50 . Downloading newest drivers now and will let you know.

Ok that was fault. Thanks for help as always.