Launcher refuses to download some of my library content

The launcher refuses to download the elemental demo and kite demo, but goes on to download the reflections and open world demo collection.

They are not present when browsing in the marketplace and on the learn tab they hang on syncing.

Hi Drongo thanks for the report. I’m seeing this too, with 4.9 only. Can you confirm that for you, selecting 4.8 gives you the download button, and works from the Library Vault?

Thank you! I’ve escalated this internally.

Yes, I can confirm that

So now they appear to be not compatible? Will this status remain or is this WIP?

Apologies Drongo.

It appears as though the 4.9 content was not intended to be enabled yet.

The 4.9 editor is in preview at the moment. By the time it is in stable release, the content will have been released then. Sometimes some content is made available before the stable version but they have to be fully tested first.

It is my understanding, that the preview editors are really just for users to get early access to play with any new features and submit any early bug reports they might find with trialing their own projects with it.