[Launcher] - please give us usefull information. Please do not corrupt downloads


I keep getting do not meet prerequisites message when trying to install the engine from the launcher.
I does not state what is missing or what is required.

I have followed all the steps i could find online.
Patch windows. Latest drivers. Repaired - reinstalled visual studio.

The error keeps coming back.
Whats worse is the download is complete. It needs to verify. Then when i close the launcher and i try again it states it could not retrieve the download information and then quits.

This is very inefficient. Especially when we do not have super fast internet speeds. I have uninstalled and deleted all traces of the engine but i keep going back to this same issue. Being forced to redownload 5.2gb every single time.
Now in a first world country 5.2 gb download isnt much. But over here by the time 5.2 gb has downloaded protesters would have burned down more buildings down the road. Ok granted they burn stuff down pretty quickly but lets not digress.

Please add a check of sorts… before the download happens. And display a clear checkbox list giving us the opportunity to correct said issues before we reach the download phase.
Please allow for the editor to continue once the editor has been closed.

On my PC i do not have these issues.
On my laptop that is a different story.


Hey Crocopede,

Sorry about that! This is definitely something that our launcher team would like to help you with. Can you please post this to the Installation & Setup section of and then let me know. I’ll make sure we have someone look into the issue, get your engine download working and stop the angry protesters from burning down more buildings :wink:

Hi Crocopede,

I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulty installing from the Launcher. If you will please post the specific details of the issue you are experiencing on the Installation & Setup section of the UE4 Answerhub, then our support staff will investigate and offer you assistance. We will almost certainly need to review your log files, the details on how to collect them can be found on this page:

We also agree that our users can benefit from better communications from the Launcher regarding issues, and we are continuing to work towards that.


(edit, Alexander beat me to it)

Thx guys. Will head over to answerhub and get this logged.
Much appreciated.

I know i need to use answerhub more often. lazy habit of coming here :stuck_out_tongue: