Launcher organization

It would be really nice to add a folder option to the “My Projects” and especially the “Vault” section of the Library in the launcher. When you have a large amount of things in your vault it can be really difficult to manage everything and see what you have or are looking for. If a folder option was available we could organize these assets for easier finding instead of alphabetically and mixed character’s with environments with plugins, etc.

For instance we could have a folder labeled “UI Assets” and put all of our UI related marketplace items in there. Same with environments, props, plugins, materials, music and what not.

I think this would be a very welcomed feature for everyone who uses it the launcher to create/import assets to projects.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Absolutely - this is something we’d like to improve. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

A few days ago I ran into this problem. :slight_smile: A lot of different things accumulated in the vault and it became difficult to navigate.
I even sketched an example. :rolleyes:

Any word on the library/folders update for launcher? Would also be useful for the games library.

Nearly 3 years have gone by and still this problem exists.

I guess the devs for the launcher aren’t the same ones working on the engine.

It would be really nice if this was finally resolved.


I have made this request since I first started using unreal engine, so many others have too.
I don’t see this happening any time soon tbh. Like my launcher lags really bad because i have about 12 pages worth of assets
if it was put in a tabbed document view with 40 in each page so, when i load the launcher it can take about 10 mins to load and then lags bad. I now open engine from icons and projects directly.
if i wish to add content I have to wait it out till the lag subsides. it is pretty SAD this has never been looked at in the other 50-70 posts over the years.

Anything, Literally ANYTHING that would help anyone organize this in a certain fashion will help.

I have had an epic’s account for a while now and have purchased a decent amount of content on top of the free (thank you so much EPIC)
It is a massive list. Over 600 Assets in my case( 60+ rows of 5)

It is a real pain when trying to create games and especially for learning as you want to create project and break things.
The un ability to filter things makes that we can forget we have something.

It is not much to ask for, maybe even something similar like the marketplace.

I do not think it is such a hard think to program and incorporate.

Thanks to the Epic’s team for everything.