Launcher now in French?


Since I updated my Launcher a few minutes ago I have it in French. I am located in France but I don’t want it in French. Beside the way it is translated into French doesn’t really make sense because only the few items of the Launcher menu are modified and all the articles are in English :S
Moreover I don’t understand why it is translated in French since my Communication Language setting in my account profile is English and my country is Canada…

So I have one question and one suggestion:

  • How can I get my Launcher back to English?
  • The Launcher language should probably be dependent on the User Account Settings…

Thank you

Hi werwack ,

I believe the answers you are looking for can be found on this post:

Hi Barnabas,

Thank you for the link. It solved my problem :slight_smile:

I see that many users share the same thoughts:

  • the setting to change the language is not obvious to find. It should very likely be accessible also in the Launcher when the user is connected because it is usually more perceived as a user preference setting than a global setting.
    (I am personally still convinced the Launcher language should be driven by the Language Preferences in the profile options).

  • Does it really make sense to have localized Launcher and editor when the articles, the marketplace, the tutorials and so on are in English? Almost everybody can read English now. Beside translating all that requires a lot of resources from the dev team and they would probably be better used for stabilizing the engine or introducing features asked for a long time.

To me it would worth to think it twice…

Hi Werwack,

Thanks for the feedback, I will make sure the team is aware.

You will be glad to hear we have several improvements planned which cover your first point.

I can understand your reasoning with the second point however we are committed to get the launcher to as wide an audience as possible and not everyone is as comfortable using English as they would be in their native language. Rest assured that the process we have for adding extra languages takes very little actual dev time, and is not drawing resources away from any other initiatives.

Thanks again for the feedback :slight_smile: